ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training Courses in Scotland (or Online)

We have resumed our face-to-face training in Dunfermline, and our Aberdeen courses begin in July. Alternatively, 97% of participants highly recommend SQMC's virtual version of this course. Scroll down for details...

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Flexible, safe, engaging training options for the post-Covid world

The year 2020 has been dreadfully challenging, and few will look back on it fondly. Nationwide (and more recently localised) lockdowns have been necessary to protect the National Health Service and save lives. Tragically, though, a terrible number of lives have been lost due to Covid-19. In the business world, companies have had to adapt quickly in order to survive. Meanwhile, the training industry is evolving to meet new demands, and SQMC have been at the forefront. In May, we piloted our first ever Virtual ISO 9001 Internal Auditor training course, with great success. 29 out 30 participants on our seven courses delivered between May and November are recommending our virtual course to friends and colleagues. We've invested heavily in its production and continual improvement, since it wasn't sufficient to simply deliver the physical classroom version over video conferencing software (as some other training firms do). All sessions of the course have been completely redeveloped in order to mitigate the screen time factor and comply with health and safety at work regulations. Moreover, team work remains a feature, thanks to our use of virtual 'breakout rooms'. The result is a training course that can be provided in the safety of your own home, which delivers the same level of auditing qualification as our physical courses (which resumed in August).

Whether virtual or in the classroom, here's what your training will cover, in a nutshell...

Delegates participating in either version of this interactive ISO 9001 Internal Auditor training course will experience practical audit scenarios based on dynamic case-studies. We help you try out auditing protocol and techniques in a safe and comfortable environment. Your SQMC trainer encourages your questions – no matter how basic you may think they are – as part of a series of lively and inclusive discussions. In only two days, you can learn, understand and appreciate all of the following:

  • The principles, methodology, preparation and performance of the Quality Audit, to ISO 19,011:2018
  • The key to selecting the Audit sample, and deciding the best questions to ask – get this right and you'll perform Process Audits with increased confidence
  • How to prepare the findings and statements for a Corrective Action Report
  • Master the art of straightforward Audit Reporting
  • A look at Corrective & Preventive Action, the follow-up process, and then surveillance

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We'll send you back to work in 'solution mode'

At SQMC, our qualified trainers are all experienced, practising auditors; and when not auditing and training, they are implementing and maintaining Quality Management Systems for other clients. The upshot of this down-to-earth practicality, when combined with their keenly-honed aptitude to educate through accelerated learning techniques, will send you back to work as confident and positive auditors – a great asset to any employer. You'll make a difference by working in 'solution mode', using your new skills to identify any risks within your organisation's processes.

Your ISO 9001 Internal Auditor training will be expertly layered and matched to your own learning styles, preferences and pace. We want to ensure you get the most out of your time with us, and we believe that learning and having fun should not be mutually exclusive!

Not all auditors are created equal!

Forget about "ticking boxes"! This is a misconception many have about (the art of good, progressive) auditing. Using your new SQMC level of internal auditing skills, you can contribute added value to your organisation by being able to map key processes, understanding how they connect to each other, and this will reveal a kaleidoscope of useful information for management to review for continual improvement.

Additionally, many of our students' career paths involve aspects of environmental management and/or health and safety process auditing; and your trainer will be happy to provide personal advice on your best routes to achieving both.

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Recommended preparation for this course 

Our unsurpassed pass rates confirm that you should pass this course with SQMC at the first time of asking, regardless of your experience level.  However, we recommend a pre-cursory day's training on the clauses and requirements of the Standard. Students who miss it out soon discover it to be a false economy; and we've never had a student regret first gaining that extra understanding!

SQMC's ISO 9001 Awareness / Foundation workshop, not only enlightens on the application of the Standard, but will also unlock knowledge and perspectives of even some of our most experienced Quality professionals who sign up. And you can currently save £150 off your internal auditor course by booking it in combination with our Foundation training!  The extra day of training will equip you with knowledge of the following key aspects:

  • The "Plan - Do - Check - Act" (PDCA) cycle
  • The concepts of Quality Management
  • The terms and definitions associated with Quality Management
  • The seven Management Principles
  • The requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard
  • plus many more interesting aspects. Click here to find out more.

Please don't hesitate to call us to discuss your personal level of experience of the subject - we're here to help!

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Successful participation of either the physical or virtual version of this course, and completion of the SQMC continuous assessment exercises, will be recognised with a Scottish Quality Management Centre Certificate of Successful Completion.

Course duration

2 days.

Attendance on SQMC's course is worth 14 CDP points from the Chartered Quality Institute.

Save £150 off your auditor training fees

Save £150 off the training fees when combining this Internal QMS Auditor course with the recommended, pre-cursory ISO 9001 Foundation workshop (offer will be applied to your invoice after you register via the booking form, below.).

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About SQMC

The Scottish Quality Management Centre is an award-winning, globally accredited training body, headquartered 25 minutes from Edinburgh International Airport. Click here for a timeline of our 30-year history.

Price Includes

  • Stringent physical distancing-compliant classroom arrangement for the safest learning experience
  • Virtual classroom version available, for students who prefer to learn from home or the office
  • ISO's Quality Fundamentals & Vocabulary (licensed for students to keep)
  • ISO's Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems (licensed for students to keep)
  • SQMC Reference manual
  • Recognised training certificate
  • Lunch and refreshments (classroom version only)
  • Interactive environment
  • Coaching from a practicing, Chartered auditor


An intermediate level course, ideal for those who attend an ISO 9001:2015 Foundation course.


2 days

Price Comparison*

BSI £995 + vat
Lloyds £850 + vat
SQMC £679 + vat
* With alternative providers of the same type of course.

Assessment & Certification

SQMC use a Continual Assessment approach throughout the course, both in the physical and virtual versions of this course, facilitating a more relaxed environment for learning. 100% of our internal auditor students passed their CA exercises last year, to gain their Certificate of Successful Completion first time.

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