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ISO 50001 Awareness courses

Learn the benefits of Energy Managemen Systems, and the Requirements of the ISO 50001 Standard.

  • Duration: 1 day.

    A 7-hour training programme, suitable for all experience levels.

  • CPD value: 7 points.

    Boost your CV and your Continuing Professional Development record.

  • On-site or Virtual Classroom.

    Arrange a course exclusively for your group of 3 or more, in-house or online.


ISO 50001 is becoming increasingly important to businesses where profitability hinges on energy efficiency.

ISO 50001 can provide organisations with a structured approach to energy management, helping them to achieve a range of benefits related to energy efficiency, cost savings, environmental sustainability, and regulatory compliance.

Arranging this 1-day ISO 50001 Awareness course for your staff will enable them to contribute to the development, implementation, and maintenance of your company's Energy Management System. Their training will quickly pay for itself thanks to the noticeable reductions in your energy overheads.

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How can this course increase my value at work, and help my professional development?

Learn about the Standard.

ISO 50001 is an energy management standard that provides a framework for organisations to improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimise energy expenses.

The standard helps organisations identify possibilities to improve their energy performance, resulting in more efficient energy use and lower energy consumption; thereby realising significant cost savings on energy bills and related expenses.

By supporting more sustainable energy practices, ISO 50001 can assist organisations in reducing their carbon footprint and overall environmental effect. Furthermore, ISO 50001 can help with compliance with energy-related regulations and requirements, such as those concerning greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency standards.

By implementing ISO 50001, your organisation can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which will improve your reputation and competitiveness in your market.

In summary...

By providing a structured approach to energy management, ISO 50001 can benefit organisations through energy efficiency, financial savings, environmental sustainability, and regulatory compliance.

Investing a day of your workforce's time to enlighten them on the application of ISO 50001 and getting them onboard with efficient Energy Management benefits and values, will surely pay dividends.

Key elements covered on the course.

Staff attending your internal ISO 50001 Awareness course will come away with an understanding and appreciation of:

  1. A brief history of ISO 50001; its benefits, and how it is structured.

  2. Energy management principles, such as identifying energy sources, measuring and monitoring energy consumption, and developing energy performance indicators.

  3. The requirements of the standard, including the energy management system (EnMS) framework, policy, planning, implementation, monitoring, and review.

  4. The importance of maintaining accurate records and documentation to demonstrate compliance with the standard.

  5. The importance of continuous improvement in energy management and how to identify opportunities for improvement.

  6. The course will provide an overview of the internal audit process, as a crucial tool in the monitoring and continual improvement of the EnMS.

By the end of the course, participants have the confidence to work with the ISO 50001 standard and are able to contribute better to the maintenance of an EnMS in their workplace.

Your immediate business benefits from this course.

Whether you intend to get certified to ISO 50001 or not, simply training your staff to work within an Energy Management System can provide several, immediate benefits to your organisation.

For example, employees who understand the ISO 50001 criteria are better positioned to identify and implement energy-saving strategies; and staff that are familiar with ISO 50001 can assist the organisation in identifying and eliminating inefficiencies in energy usage, resulting in lower costs and higher performance.

Learning about ISO 50001 can help to develop a culture of teamwork and collaboration among employees as they work together to find energy-saving opportunities and implement energy-saving initiatives.

And finally, a slick EnMS maintained by knowledgeable staff can quickly separate you from competitors, by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability and energy management through ISO 50001 Certification.

Free copy of ISO 50001 for each participant (worth £232*)
As well as their own personal copy of ISO 50001, fully licensed for them to mark up and keep, each learner will receive:
  • Coaching from an experienced Chartered Quality Professional.
  • A globally-recognised certificate.
  • SQMC's highly-acclaimed aftercare.

*Non-member price from the British Standards Institute.

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