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ISO 9001 Foundation course.

Certified, 1-day Awareness training to explain the Requirements of ISO 9001 (7 CPD hours).

20th August, 2024

(9:30 am UK timezone)

10th September, 2024

(Dunfermline, UK)

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Do you work for an organisation that's already achieved ISO 9001 certification?  If so, you know the importance of maintaining high standards and delivering quality products or services to your customers. However, for many employees, it can be difficult to appreciate the Quality Management System (QMS) that controls all of this, and how your role can contribute to its success. 

This ISO 9001 Awareness course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of ISO 9001's Requirements and your employer's QMS. Afterward, you be better equipped to contribute to its success and ensure your employer continues to meet customer expectations and sustain its coveted ISO 9001 Certified status.

5 star rating

"Definitely recommend SQMC – brilliant training in a relaxed way.
Karen is a fantastic trainer and has a way of teaching you without making it feel like you are learning… but you really are!"


Quality & Compliance Assistant,
Gael Force Group.

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How can this course increase my value at work, and help my professional development?

What will I learn?

Attending an SQMC-certified ISO 9001 Awareness course will provide you with an introduction to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems (QMS). Here are some of the key topics that are typically covered in such a course:

  1. Overview of Quality Management: You will learn about the principles of quality management, including the benefits of implementing a QMS and the key components of a successful QMS.

  2. Introduction to ISO 9001: You will be introduced to the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements, including the structure and content of the standard, the key terms and definitions used in the standard, and the process approach to QMS.

  3. Quality Management System Requirements: You will learn about the specific requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, including requirements related to leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, and improvement.

  4. QMS Documentation: You will learn about the documentation requirements of ISO 9001, including the types of documents and records that are required, and how to develop and maintain a QMS documentation system.

  5. Audit Process: You will learn about the audit process for ISO 9001, including the types of audits that are conducted, the roles and responsibilities of auditors and auditees, and the stages of the audit process.

How will I benefit? How will my employer reap the rewards?

By the end of the course, you should have a good understanding of the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and the key concepts and principles of quality management. You should also be able to apply this knowledge to your own organisation and bring fresh eyes and enthusiasm for the maintenance of the QMS and ISO 9001 Certification.


If you take the step up to auditor training, you'll find your new knowledge and appreciation of the ISO 9001 standard is a tremendous asset to your learning, auditing, and report writing.

Ideal preparation for Quality Auditor training.

Our ISO 9001 Awareness course provides a solid foundation for those intending to train as an auditor of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Here's how: 

Understanding of QMS concepts.

This foundational training provides a comprehensive understanding of QMS concepts, including the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements. This is essential for anyone who will be using ISO 9001 as the criteria they'll be auditing against. Generally speaking, auditing courses tend not to cover this, as the learning time has to be spent on the auditing aspects, themselves.


Knowledge of QMS processes.

The ISO 9001 Awareness course covers the processes involved in implementing and maintaining a QMS, such as document control, internal audits, and corrective action. This knowledge is necessary for conducting internal audits effectively.

Familiarity with audit terminology.

The Foundation course introduces attendees to audit terminology, such as audit trails, audit objectives, and audit criteria. This familiarity is crucial for those interested in conducting internal audits.


Understanding of audit principles.

The Foundation course provides an overview of the principles of auditing, such as independence, objectivity, and confidentiality. This understanding is essential for anyone interested in becoming an internal auditor.


In summary...

Attending an ISO 9001 Awareness course provides a solid foundation of knowledge that will help individuals understand the requirements of ISO 9001 and the QMS processes that are essential for conducting internal audits effectively. This foundation will help individuals prepare for their Quality Auditor training.

No hidden costs. Here's what you'll receive:
  • A personal copy of ISO 9001, fully licensed for you to mark up and keep.
  • Coaching from a highly experienced, Chartered Quality Professional.
  • A globally-recognised certificate.
  • Refreshments and delicious, sit-down lunches, served in our venue restaurants.*
  • SQMC's highly-acclaimed aftercare.

*Public venues only.


Free copy of ISO 9001 included (worth £160*)

*non-member price from British Standards Institute.

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5 star rating

"Course content very relevant to current working practices."


QA Dept.,
GE Caledonian.


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5 star rating

"The knowledge that Karen has on this topic is unbelievable! What an excellent course, delivered at the right speed. Thank you!"


IT Services,
Fife Council.


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Why choose SQMC?

A global standard in auditor certification.

SQMC began in 1989 as an ancillary unit within the Management Sciences faculties of one of the United Kingdom's leading universities, providing short auditing courses accredited by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). Within four years we were awarded Centre of Excellence status by the Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA).

Nowadays, the IQA is known as the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), and SQMC has evolved into an independent, private training supplier to individual students and multinational corporations in 88+ countries.

Benefits of training with us:

  • Friendly guidance for your Training Needs Analysis
  • Courses for every experience level
  • Top tuition from leading, practicing QHSE auditors
  • Gain a deeper understanding of management systems
  • Develop key skills to help you shine in any audit scenario
  • Unsurpassed pass rates
  • First-class aftercare and learner support you can count on
  • Certificate verification service for employers
  • Our own internal QMS is held accountable by the CQI and IRCA.


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