ISO 9001:2015 Transition Module for Auditors

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If you still require to update your Quality auditor qualification The Quality world is now on its 5th version of the QMS Requirements standard, ISO 9001. Internal and/or Lead Auditors who trained to previous ("ISO 9001:2008" and earlier) versions of this standard, who have missed the deadline to update through attendance on a Transition module, are advised to enrol on either an ISO 9001 Internal or Lead Auditor course to regain their qualification. This is because Auditor certificates quoting the '2008' (or earlier) issue of the Standard are no longer acceptable during certification audits (as of the global deadline of September 2018). Is it mandatory to update? The current Standard requires it for those already trained to the 2008 version, which became obsolete last year. Please don't hesitate to call our advisors during UK office hours if you have any questions.

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1 day

Assessment & Certification

Those who successfully complete their assessed exercises will be awarded with a Transition Certificate, updating their previously held ISO 9001 auditor qualification; in line with the requirements of the Standard.

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