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ISO 45001 Internal Auditor course

2-day intermediate Safety Management Systems training, equivalent to 14 CPD hours.

  • Upskill face-to-face at your nearest SQMC venue.

    In-person courses at our headquarters, near Edinburgh Airport; and Aberdeen.

  • Alternatively, attend one of our regular online courses.

    Our acclaimed Virtual Classroom version is custom-built for desktop learning.

  • Private staff training at a time and place to suit you.

    Arrange a course exclusively for groups of 3 or more, in-house or online.


Learn to plan, prepare for, conduct, and report on internal audits of a Safety Management System.

We've simplified the subject of auditing your organisation's Occupational Health and Safety Management System, to help you learn (faster) how to conduct them (excellently).

The beauty of our approach is we use trainers that audit a broad spectrum of sectors when they're not in the classroom, meaning you can fully relate personally to the examples we illustrate. This brings the theory to life and is one of many reasons SQMC-trained auditors stand out from the crowd.

5 star rating

"I have been involved in carrying out audits now for some 6 months with only internal training. I now know much more than I did a couple of days ago, which will help me to be a more professional auditor."


Join 5000+ SQMC clients enjoying our pre-purchase guidance and unrivaled aftercare:

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  • Payment plans available.
  • 99.9% pass rate.
  • Personalised aftercare.

How can this course improve my skills, understanding, career, and salary?

The SQMC Method

This dynamic ISO 45001 Internal Auditor training course equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to perform process audits of modern Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, in accordance with the Auditing Guidelines of ISO 19,011:2018.


With a copy of ISo 45001 in hand, your SQMC tutor will teach you our tips and techniques for conducting friendly and efficient, value-adding Process Audits of a Health and Safety Management System.

What will I learn?
We've always kept our ISO 45001 Internal Auditor training course as interactive as possible, featuring plenty of group work, and practical exercises. Our enthusiastic tutor will give you a great grounding in:
  1. The requirements of ISO 45001:2018 - the global Standard for designing and assessing Health and Safety procedures.
  2. We'll explain the correspondence between the ISO 45001 Standard, and two other commonly used Standards for Process Audits: ISO 9001 (for Quality), and ISO 14001 (for Environmental Systems). You may encounter these when working with your Safety Management System.
  3. The Requirements of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, using ISO 45001 as your yardstick.
  4. Getting to grips with Documentation and Interpretation; including hazard analysis and risk assessment.
  5. Understand the principles, methodology, preparation, and performance of an Internal Audit, utilising the ISO 19,011:2018 Standard for Auditing Guidelines.
  6. The key to selecting the Audit sample, and the subsequent preparation of your line of questioning – get this right and you'll perform Process Audits with increased confidence.
  7. How to prepare the findings and statements for a Corrective Action Report.
  8. Master the art of straightforward Audit Reporting, against an appropriate case study.
  9. A look at Corrective & Preventive Action, the follow-up process, and then surveillance.
How will I benefit? How will my employer reap the rewards?

Your ISO 45001 Internal Auditor training will be expertly layered and matched to your own learning styles, preferences, and pace. We want to ensure you get the most out of your time with us. What's more, we believe that learning and having fun should not be mutually exclusive! We'll send you back to work with confidence to make a positive impact, whilst helping meet their annual audit schedule responsibilities.


Once you've gained this qualification as an Internal Safety Auditor, you may find it useful to complement it with training in either Environmental or Quality Management Systems – or both. Our qualified and experienced tutors (who are all Chartered Professionals) are more than happy to offer you their own personal guidance on your career progression, which varies from person to person, depending on a number of factors.

No hidden costs. Here's what you'll receive:
  • Personal copies of ISO 45001, and ISO 19011, fully licensed for you to mark up and keep.
  • A clause-by-clause reference manual, and workbook.
  • Coaching from a highly experienced, chartered, EMS auditor.
  • A globally-recognised certificate.
  • Refreshments and delicious, sit-down lunches, served in our venue restaurants.*
  • SQMC's highly-acclaimed aftercare.

*Public venues only.


£454 worth of International Standards included

(completely free).

  • ISO 45001  (worth £210*)
    You'll receive a complimentary copy of the key safety standard.
  • ISO 19,011:2018 (worth £244*)
    The "auditor's bible" - a guide to auditing best practice. Worth every penny!
*non-member prices from British Standards Institute.

Self-funding? Find out about our Payment Plans:


Our Reference Manual includes clause-by-clause, real-world examples and explanations, from practicing SQMC auditors.

You'll find yourself referring back to your course notes regularly, after your training, because the content is so valuable. We quizzed our team of auditors on their experiences with the various clauses of the ISO 9001 standard, and selected the most powerful examples and explanations to be published in our exclusive ISO 9001 Internal Auditor course Reference Manual.

5 star rating

"Once again, excellent! Now for the hard bit: implementing all this new-found knowledge!"



Get qualified whilst saving up to 42% on training fees*



Equivalent course:



Equivalent course:


Train with us for only:
*compared with similar courses provided by Certification Bodies.
5 star rating

"I was impressed at how the course evolved to encompass our particular needs, and to incorporate our particular aims."




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Why choose SQMC?

A global standard in auditor certification.

SQMC began in 1989 as an ancillary unit within the Management Sciences faculties of one of the United Kingdom's leading universities, providing short auditing courses accredited by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA). Within four years we were awarded Centre of Excellence status by the Institute of Quality Assurance (IQA).

Nowadays, the IQA is known as the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), and SQMC has evolved into an independent, private training supplier to individual students and multinational corporations in 88+ countries.

Benefits of training with us:

  • Friendly guidance for your Training Needs Analysis
  • Courses for every experience level
  • Top tuition from leading, practicing QHSE auditors
  • Gain a deeper understanding of management systems
  • Develop key skills to help you shine in any audit scenario
  • Unsurpassed pass rates
  • First-class aftercare and learner support you can count on
  • Certificate verification service for employers
  • Our own internal QMS is held accountable by the CQI and IRCA.


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