ISO 45001 Internal Auditor Training Courses in Scotland

Learn to plan, prepare for, conduct, and report on value-adding internal audits of a Safety Management System; safely in Central Scotland and Aberdeen. Please scroll down for full details...

freelicensed copy of the ISO 45001 standard(worth £204*)

Creating confident, valuable Safety auditors

This dynamic ISO 45001 Internal Auditor training course equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to perform process audits of modern Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management Systems, in accordance with the Auditing Guidelines of ISO 19,011:2018.

This training course focuses on ISO 45001 – which supersedes arguably the world's most famous Standard relating to Health and Safety systems: OHSAS 18001. With Standard in hand, your SQMC tutor will teach you our tips and techniques for conducting friendly and efficient, value-adding Process Audits of a Health and Safety Management System.

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The pandemic needn't halt your training and development

Whether you prefer SQMC's training in a physical classroom, or from the comfort of your own home through our virtual classroom platform, we're continually working hard to bring our customers the very best learning experience possible, in the safest ways possible. And it's also good to bear in mind that attendance on a training course doesn't count towards your working hours, if you are furloughed through the UK Government's Job Retention Scheme (currently extended beyond October, in parts of the UK).

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Outline of points we'll cover while you're with us

We keep our ISO 45001 Internal Auditor training course as interactive as possible, with plenty of group work, and practical exercises. Our enthusiastic tutor will give you a great grounding in:

  • The new, global Standard for designing and assessing Health and Safety procedures – ISO 45001:2018.
  • We'll explain the correspondence between the ISO 45001 Standard, and two other commonly used Standards for Process Audits: ISO 9001 (for Quality), and ISO 14001 (for Environmental Systems). You may encounter these when working with your Safety Management System.
  • The Requirements of an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System, using ISO 45001 as your yardstick.
  • Getting to grips with Documentation and Interpretation; including hazard analysis and risk assessment.
  • Understand the principles, methodology, preparation and performance of an Internal Audit, utilising the ISO 19,011:2018 Standard for Auditing Guidelines.
  • The key to selecting the Audit sample, and the subsequent preparation of your line of questioning – get this right and you'll perform Process Audits with increased confidence.
  • How to prepare the findings and statements for a Corrective Action Report.
  • Master the art of straightforward Audit Reporting, against an appropriate case study.
  • A look at Corrective & Preventive Action, the follow-up process, and then surveillance.

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Progression routes for a career in auditing

Once you've gained this qualification as an Safety Internal Auditor, you may find it useful to complement it with training in either Environmental or Quality Management Systems – or both. Our qualified and experienced tutors (who are all Chartered Professionals) are more than happy to offer you their own personal guidance on your career progression, which varies from person to person, depending on a number of factors.

Length of course

2 days

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About SQMC

The Scottish Quality Management Centre is an award-winning, globally accredited training body, headquartered 25 minutes from Edinburgh International Airport. Click here for a timeline of our history throughout the last three decades.

*Price if purchasing a personal copy from the British Standards Institute's online store.

Price Includes

  • Stringent physical distancing-compliant classroom arrangement for the safest learning experience
  • Virtual classroom version available, for students who prefer to learn from home or the office
  • Fully licensed copy of the ISO 45001 Standard
  • SQMC reference manual
  • Recognised training certificate
  • Lunch and refreshments (classroom version only)
  • Tutoring by an active, Chartered safety auditor


All levels.


2 days

Price Comparison*

BSI £1,175 + vat
LRQA £930 + vat
SQMC £765 + vat
* With alternative providers of the same type of course.

Assessment & Certification

Continuous Assessment verified by Certificate of Successful Completion, issued by the Scottish Quality Management Centre.

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