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Virtual Classroom training.

Unlock the power of learning anywhere.


  • Virtual, instructor-led training.

    Just as in our traditional classrooms, your tutor is with you - every step of your learning journey.


  • Dedicated courses for online learners.

    We invest heavily in custom-built training -  specifically for the desktop learning context.

97% of our virtual classroom learners would recommend.*

*Statistic derived from students' post-course evaluation forms.
  • Same syllabus, learning objectives, and qualification as SQMC's traditional classroom courses. 
  • Broadcast from our studio, via Zoom, to learners around the world.
  • Save on delegate travel and accommodation expenses.

Blending new technology with 'old school' teaching methods: While many trainers rely too heavily on slides and scripts, here is SQMC course designer, Karen MacKenzie, pictured broadcasting a recent virtual classroom 'chalkboard' explainer to a group of SGN auditors, who were taking part from locations all around the UK. One of their delegates commented: "The use of the flipchart as a way of connecting with the group, I was impressed by and I thought it worked well."

5 star rating

"Very engaging sessions. Loved them!"


Halliburton (Republic of Congo).

Clients enjoying our unrivaled aftercare include:



Embrace the Future of Learning!

In today's fast-paced and digitally connected world, the landscape of professional development has undergone a significant transformation - and SQMC has been right at the heart of it. Born of necessity during the initial Covid lockdown in 2020, virtual classroom training has emerged as a dynamic solution, offering remarkable flexibility and innovative learning experiences that cater both to organisations and individual learners. This shift not only reflects the evolving work environments but also aligns with the growing preference for hybrid working models.

Unmatched Flexibility and Accessibility.

One of the most compelling benefits of virtual classroom training is the ability to participate from anywhere. Whether you're at home or in the office, these training sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, eliminating the need for travel and reducing associated costs. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for training managers looking to coordinate sessions for teams that might be spread across multiple locations.

A Live, Interactive Learning Experience.

Contrary to the passive nature of pre-recorded tutorials, SQMC's virtual classroom courses thrive on live interaction. These are real-time, tutor-led sessions that replicate the rigorous educational atmosphere of traditional classrooms. Participants engage in a variety of interactive activities, from breakout sessions and group discussions to case studies and real-time feedback. This approach not only keeps the sessions lively but also ensures that the learning process is engaging and collaborative.

Leveraging Cutting-edge Technology.

At the heart of SQMC's virtual classroom is our robust Zoom platform, which support a range of interactive tools to enhance your learning experience. Features such as screen sharing, real-time annotations, and digital whiteboards allow our trainers to deliver rich, multimedia presentations. Additionally, breakout rooms provide an excellent space for smaller group workshops and role-plays, facilitating deeper discussion and teamwork among participants.

sqmc-virtual-course-pilot-2020Lockdown learning: SQMC's pilot ISO 9001 Internal Auditor course (May 2020). Nowadays, our Virtual Classroom training broadcasts from a studio within our Central Scotland headquarters.

Certification and Professional Recognition.

An essential aspect of any training program is the recognition and certification that come upon completion. SQMC virtual classroom courses are cover the same syllabus and learning objectives as our traditional classroom equivalent, ensuring that they meet high standards and deliver credible, certified training outcomes. The certificate and qualification is also exactly the same. This makes our online courses an attractive option for international organisations committed to providing their staff farther afield with opportunities for professional growth that are both recognised and respected in the industry.

Ensuring a Smooth and Supportive Experience.

Understanding and navigating new technology can be a hurdle for some participants. To address this, SQMC virtual training programs come with comprehensive support, including the option of a trial session to familiarise users with the platform. Moreover, for those concerned about connectivity issues, SQMC has protocols in place to ensure the stability of the training experience, thereby minimising disruptions and technical difficulties.

Interactive Features That Enrich Learning.

SQMC deploy innovative ways to facilitate interaction and participation. Using webcams and microphones, participants can actively engage with our instructors and their peers, making the virtual environment a dynamic space for learning and interaction. The use of interactive tools and live communication ensures that the training is not just a session to passively listen to but a platform for active learning and engagement.

Adapting to User Needs.

Recognising the potential strain of long hours in front of a screen, SQMC's virtual classroom sessions are thoughtfully structured with ample breaks and an optimised schedule to enhance comfort and maintain concentration. This consideration ensures that participants can absorb information without the fatigue often associated with prolonged digital engagement.

Open-to-Public Courses in our Virtual Classroom.

As our customers continue to adapt to hybrid working arrangements, and individuals seek more flexible learning opportunities, our virtual classroom training stands out as a potent solution. We offers a blend of accessibility, interaction, and practicality, making an SQMC virtual course an ideal choice for training managers and self-motivated learners alike. By integrating advanced technology with interactive teaching methods, our virtual classroom is setting a new standard in educational excellence, tailored for the modern learner.

Join one of the following open courses, or contact us to arrange your company's online training, privately (including bespoke courses, developed to your requirements):

It's so easy to join a course. If you have a...

PC or laptop
A computer (with built-in or plug-in mic & webcam) running the Zoom application.
We prefer Zoom for our open-to-public, virtual courses. But if you requrie us to use another platform for a private virtual course, such as MS Teams - that's no problem!
Stable broadband 
A reliable internet connection is essential.
An upload speed of at least 2 MBps and a download speed of 16 MBps or greater should be fine (this is well above the minimum requirements suggested by Zoom). 
A comfortable place
Grab a coffee, get comfy, and learn!
Many sessions are typicall full 6 or 7 hour days, albeit with plenty of breaks. Make sure you have a quiet, comfortable set-up.
PS... Pets are more than welcome to keep you company! 

...there's nothing stopping you!

5 star rating

"The conversation flowed well and our questions regarding the standard were answered."


Aker Solutions.


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