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A Tribute to Ron

If, like me, you were fortunate enough to attend one of Ron Rivans' auditor training courses, I'm sure you'll appreciate what I mean when I describe his knowledge as 'seemingly boundless'.

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Pros and Cons of Templated Management Systems

Quality Manual and management system templates are widely available for any and every business that may want a helping hand in getting their system up and running. But before you splash out on a template, are you sure it'll be the right move for your business, long term? SQMC are long-established purveyors of bespoke, consultant-led management systems and we champion this approach, first and foremost. However, it behooves us to consider the supposed theory and reality of a templated approach, and this article is designed solely to help you make an informed decision.

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What is an 'Audit Schedule'?

Sometimes referred to as an 'audit programme', an 'audit schedule' is defined as a “set of one or more audits planned for a specific time frame and directed towards a specific purpose”. (Definition taken from ISO 9000:2015 – Fundamentals and Vocabulary*.)

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7 key factors of an ISO 9001 Audit Plan

For a simple little document, it’s hard to believe the amount of confusion an “audit plan” causes, and the amount of time that is spent by people in a role (similar to mine, at SQMC) who train auditors, to explain the who/what/how/where/when of audit plans!

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Free ISO 9001 Audit Checklist

As an auditor of ISO standards, and one who trains fledgling auditors, I am well aware of the appeal of an audit checklist; it is the comfort blanket of auditors, but is it useful?

If you look up the definition of checklist, and I use Merriam Webster, to check such things, it tells me that a checklist is “a list of things to be checked or done”. Wow! I can live with that.  My problem is that so many checklists that I have seen being used are the master rather than the servant of the auditor.

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IRCA Lead Auditor courses in Aberdeen (ISO 9001)

Coronavirus lockdowns have been harsh for so many industries, and the training industry in Scotland is one of those which has really felt the bite. However, with Nicola Sturgeon's announcement on Tuesday (11/05/21) that most of Scotland will, at long last, downgrade to 'tier two', businesses and non-profit organisations in-and-around Aberdeen are making up for lost time, nominating staff for key positions and the accompanying training courses they'll require.

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As the UK leaves the EU, how is ISO impacted?

There is only one sure thing about Brexit and that is its uncertainties. However, for ISO aficionados and the idly curious alike, here is what we do know.

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Karen MacKenzie's Address to CQI WofS on ISO 45001 (December 2018)

One year on from Karen's presentation on the Changes to Health and Safety Systems (December 2018) for the West of Scotland Chartered Quality Institute, we are releasing the slides for free public access.

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Surely You Were Told About...?

In my capacity as a trainer, consultant, and as an external auditor for a Certificating Body of International Standards, I’m more and more astonished by this particular, and surprisingly common, thing.

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Chevron Shipping Company

Chevron Shipping opened its Marine Learning and Development Centre in Clydebank, Scotland as part of Chevron’s ongoing commitment to employee training and professional development. The centre on the outskirts of Glasgow is a state-of-the-art facility providing instruction for up to 2,500 mariners per year.

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