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Anchored in Quality since 1989.

We're the Scottish Quality Management Centre - an award-winning QHSE training centre and ISO consultancy bureau, operating in 88 countries worldwide.

SQMC Limited (UK).

A global standard in auditor certification.


Headquartered 20 minutes from Edinburgh International Airport, the Scottish Quality Management Centre (SQMC for short) is an intercontinental learning centre dedicated to quality, health and safety, and environmental international standards.

In 1989 the University of Stirling engaged American Society for Quality Senior Member and Fellow of the Institute of Quality Assurance, Ian Hannah, to develop a Quality Standards think-tank for its Management Science faculty. Under Mr Hannah's leadership, this "Quality Management Centre" became such an asset to the nation's manufacturing and engineering industries that it was granted approval by the then Secretary of State for Scotland to add the designation "Scottish" to its name. 

In 1992, SQMC became Scotland's first organisation approved by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) to provide their sought-after, certified 'Lead Assessor' courses. The following year, Mr Hannah drafted the original "180" programme adopted by IRCA to become the blueprint for all other IRCA-accredited companies providing internal quality auditor courses, worldwide. He also innovated the country's first Master's Degree in Quality Management, which was recognised by the Institute of Quality Assurance, awarding SQMC 'Centre of Excellence' status. SQMC's Quality Management Master's Degree was then emulated by other universities throughout the United Kingdom.

Ian Hannah, co-founder of SQMC.

In 1998, Mr Hannah retired from his post in the Management Science faculty, taking SQMC with him to transform it into a private limited company - completely independent of the university. This autonomy allowed SQMC to work on behalf of our clients in a consultancy role, at last able to meet the repeated requests of many former students who had been promoted to management positions. From that time until today,

Since 1998, SQMC auditor courses have been hosted from our headquarters within the custom-built, business learning centre in Dunfermline (named after local tycoon and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie). We also provide training at 14 other excellent venues throughout the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe; as well our Virtual Classroom, online.

With such a prestigious heritage, it's little wonder that our mission continues to focus on management systems innovation. Our small-but-brilliant team conscientiously seek to exceed our customers' quality-of-service expectations. We achieve this by intuitively recognising otherwise unnoticed opportunities to provide solutions to certain wants or needs. Furthermore, we are ever-mindful to be respectful, ethical and reliable in all of our relationships.

We hope you'll join 5000+ delighted clients by harnessing your own Quality journey to ours!



The International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) is formed in London.

Leading Quality Standard, BS 5750, is superseded by ISO 9001:1987.

Stirling University Professor, Brian Moores, forms the concept of what would become the Scottish Quality Management Centre (SQMC).

Ian Hannah is appointed, as Director of Programmes, to 'activate' SQMC; and develop syllabi of short Quality Assurance courses.

SQMC achieve "approved" status with IRCA, and launch Scotland's first IRCA-certified Lead Auditor course.

Ian Hannah drafts the original "180" Internal Quality Auditor programme on IRCA's behalf. 

SQMC is awarded 'Centre of Excellence' status by the Institute of Quality Assurance (now the Chartered Quality Institute) to acknowledge Ian Hannah's innovation of the nation's first post-graduate degree in Quality Management.

SQMC debut an IRCA-registered 'Internal Quality Auditor' course at Stirling Management Centre.

SQMC awarded the Joe Bosworth trophy for Excellence in Quality Management training.

SQMC is restructured and transformed into a private limited company, independent of the university; headquartered in Dunfermline. SQMC can now provide consultancy to clients who have long requested it.

'SQMC Online' is launched on the World Wide Web.

SQMC's first overseas office is opened, in Vancouver, Canada; where Ian Hannah began his career in Quality Assurance.

SQMC Operations Manager, Kenny Hannah, along with our longest-serving tutor, Ron Rivans, and former Scottish Enterprise business advisor, Karen MacKenzie, are promoted to the Board of Directors.

Karen MacKenzie takes over from Ian Hannah as SQMC's chief course designer. Mr Hannah continues to oversee SQMC's progress in a semi-retired role, as Chairman of the Board.

SQMC celebrates its Silver Jubilee.

SQMC became 'Partners in Excellence' with Quality Scotland, a charitable, membership organisation which provided the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model.

SQMC innovate a specially-designed, online version of the ISO 9001 Internal Auditor course, hosted in our 'Virtual Classroom'.

SQMC is granted permission by the CQI and IRCA to launch our specially-designed, virtual ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course, online.

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