With sites the world over, the Chevron Shipping Company has provided safe and reliable transport of crude oil and liquified natural gas (LGN) for 120 years.

By Ron Rivans, SQMC's Lead Auditor tutor to Chevron

Chevron Shipping opened its Marine Learning and Development Centre in Clydebank, Scotland as part of Chevron’s ongoing commitment to employee training and professional development. The centre on the outskirts of Glasgow is a state-of-the-art facility providing instruction for up to 2,500 mariners per year.

The specially-recruited, full-time faculty includes some of the industry’s leading instructors, offering 30 training courses that cover navigation (bridge watch keeping, basic ship handling, collision avoidance) to cargo handling (liquid and LGN) with technical areas including advanced hydraulics among others. The centre also offers an operational and management leadership program, as well as various programs to help assess deck and engineering officers for promotion.

SQMC Ron Rivans Chevron Ship Sim


Pictured: SQMC's Technical Director, Ron Rivans, standing in a simulator which is replica of an actual oil tanker's control bridge, showing real instrumentation displayed on the ship's bridge. Ron took the controls of a 250.000 litre oil tanker, which was sailing into the entrance of Istanbul Harbour at the time. We're please to announce, he made it into dock safe and sound!