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4 Reasons why Auditor Standardisation Meetings are a 'no-brainer' for progressive organisations

Part 2 of Karen MacKenzie's series: 'The thing about auditing...' (catch up on part 1). Today, Karen explains the value of standardisation meetings for your auditors.

As an auditor, the responsibility for my on-going development, to be the best I can be, lies with me.

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The Thing About Auditing - Part 1 (Communicating)

Karen MacKenzie reflects on the 'pinball wizardry' of auditing

I discovered that I am in the habit of starting sentences with this phrase, ‘the thing about auditing….’

I use it when I’m auditing, I use it when I’m training auditors, and I use it when I’m working as a consultant implementing ISO management systems.

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ISO: setting the Standard of Quality for all

Where would we be without Standards? In the UK and across much of Europe we often complain about the standard of products or services – but at least we know, or should do, that there are governmental and organisational Standards in place to guarantee a certain level of Quality and safety.

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Government figures vindicate pernickety Health and Safety requirements

Health and safety regulations can sometimes seem like an easy target for some tabloids, who circulate unfounded myths about bans on playground conker games and trapeze artists in hard hats, which the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) must then go on to disprove.

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What You Can Learn From the FIFA Scandal

You can’t mention FIFA in recent years without immediately mentioning the numerous corruption allegations that follow.

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Maintaining quality the right tools for the job

The Scottish Quality Management Centre (SQMC) has been at the forefront of Quality Management Systems (QMS) training, consultation and implementation for over 25 years and utilising advancements in business software solutions is helping to keep them there.

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3 major benefits of a Quality Management System

Organisations that implement a Quality Management System (QMS) will benefit from an upturn in sales, reduction in costs and improved operating efficiency.

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The Furnishing Service (TFS) takes business forward with quality training and assessment from SQMC

When East Kilbride-based social housing service provider, The Furnishing Service (TFS), identified a real need to achieve ISO certifications to get the most from business expansion, they entrusted staff training and Quality Systems assessment to the Scottish Quality Management Centre (SQMC).

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Quality Systems consultancy celebrates record 2014

Following a best ever financial report in 2013, the Scottish Quality Management Centre (SQMC) has surpassed financial targets for a successive year with a 36% increase in turnover for financial year-end 2014.

The ISO 9000 specialist increased its turnover from £250k in 2013 well beyond its £275k goal for 2014 to £340k. 

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Good Friday holiday 2015

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